Hi Florian, thanks for your feedback. I did mention that, actually. Wrt. #5 if you decide to transition your 100% job into a part-time job (60% of hours) to start working on your own business (a side hustle) or you quit your day job entirely, you risk that you could have been better off financially if you have stayed in your full-time position. I think that there is more than just job-hopping to earn more as a programmer - if your work has real business impact, you will likely get noticed and appreciated in your current job, here is an article that shows a real-life example of that: https://medium.com/better-programming/how-i-doubled-my-salary-in-my-30s-ed4b6b62d4ac. And regarding the multipliers from this article, I think there is more to just side hustling that is hidden as a message in this article. The message was rather: be so good they can’t ignore you + have diverse skills + work on your assets + have courage to take risks and work on your own terms.


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